Hôtel Résidence Océane in Tartane, Martinique

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Hotel location: Tartane, Martinique
We are situated in a tranquil place with cooling ocean breezes. Residence Oceane consists of wooden Creole bungalows surrounded by bougainvilliers, hibiscuses and coconut palms. It is the kind of place where Caribean derams are made. br At the point of our Caravelle peninsula, you can cross a mangrove swamp, admire the numerous variety of trees, delight in the song of a multitude of birds, and discover the ruins of the ?Dubuc Castle? all this, naturally, in a unique and wildly beautiful area of Martinique. Numerous creeks will allow you to make a stop for bathing. br
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Hôtel Résidence Océane

Hôtel Résidence Océane