Coal Miners Cabins Hotel in Longyearbyen, Svalbard

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Hotel location: Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Coal Miners Cabins offers reasonably priced accommodation, located in the upper part of the Longyear valley and within reach of mountains and glaciers. The place is an excellent starting point for hiking, skiing and snowmobile trips. Coal Miners Cabins is the place to stay for those who want to get the real experience of the mining period on Svalbard. Coal Miners Cabins is located in Nybyen, Longyearbyens small suburb is within walking distance from downtown. Coal Miners Cabins have rooms in different price categories with unique stories to each place. We have 76 single and double rooms with a total of 153 beds. We also have two suites with capacity for four people, and one suite with capacity for two people. Breakfast is served in our bar and grill where you will find our reception, a gift shop, TV and free WIFI. Every guest house has a kitchen, lounge area, laundry room and shared bathrooms.All rooms are recently renovated in 2016. An inside look at Coal Miners cabin This building was opened in 1948 and is known to the locals as Stormessa the big mess hall. Here the miners were served their meals between long shifts in the mines. They worked three shifts, and the miners mess was therefore open 24 hours per day. During the 1960s a dairy was established in the cellar of the Stormessa, which also housed the ablution block, post office and pay office. During later years the Stormessa became the reception and breakfast area for Spitsbergen Guesthouse. After extensive renovations to the Stormessa the guesthouse has been reopened and renamed as the Coal Miners Cabins, and Stormessa has become the Coal Miners Bar & Grill.
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Coal Miners Cabins Hotel

Coal Miners Cabins Hotel